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When venturing in big projects for big business there is often the question of what to do with the old hardware. All successful businesses need to go through hardware refreshes as their business and the industry demands it, and as companies grow infrastructures that remain on prem are forced to migrate their hardware to a DataCenter that can accommodate them.


buyWhen such scenarios present themselves what happens to the legacy kit? In most cases it is declared by the company’s depreciation policy worthless and therefor destroyed or donated. We as a company would like to bridge that gap and offer you cash back for your legacy hardware that could make a project budget look much more attractive or prevent you from exceeding your budget. We can the refresh used hardware and reuse it with other companies that are too new or too small to make big investments.





So if you have some legacy hardware in good working order that could benefit you one last time then contact us for a quote. Generally, we look for main vendor devices that up to around 3 years old below are some examples but not limited to items we frequently buy,


  • Servers,  rack mount and blade
  • Memory, mezzanine/PCI cards, CPU’s
  • HDD, SSD
  • Storage arrays
  • Network switches/Routers
  • PCs Laptops
  • Monitors
  • IP Phones
  • Tape Library and backup devices


The process for earning money back from used hardware is as simple as the following few steps...

  1. Request a quote providing as much information as possible
  2. Devices are collected by our courier
  3. Devices are tested for functionality to ensure they are in good working order
  4. Quote potentially reviewed to reflect test results
  5. Agreed quote is satisfied or the items are returned


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